About you, and me

How do?

Here, I share strategies by which I thrive with cancer, and am eager to hear yours; all with a goal of achieving remission, then cure, then decades of life.

Who are you?

Anyone enduring any type of cancer, or who loves someone with cancer.

I write chiefly for those still in the middle of their cancer journeys (as I am). But if you have overcome cancer, bravo! Please – tell us all how you did it.

Who am I?

I am Dann Anthony, a freelance writer and husband. As of August 5, 2017, I have survived 1,000 days with AML Leukemia; but as my oncologists describe, with remarkable vigor and energy.

With my blood counts, “You should be in a wheelchair with oxygen,” an oncologist once told me. Instead, I meet writing deadlines, walk my greyhound ‘Teo, and spend an hour with my wife over coffee planning a joyous day.

My inspirations

  • My mom, who has treated her three bouts with cancer (one current) as an annoyance, not a threat. Never for a moment has she wallowed in pity or forgotten her generosity.
  • Mahatma Gandhi, for his example of powerful, peaceful defiance.
  • Jesus Christ, The Divine Physician, who has guided me in healing my soul and my spirit; and now, my body.

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